World Fuel from Waste Day 2015 – 28th May

The Fuel from Waste Network will be running a series of events across Nairobi up to the 28th May.

The Alfastar Development Association and Terra Nuova East Africa will be leading the events, supported by Valdese 8×1000, Casa no profit Barbusè and Middlesex University London.

More details to follow.

Fuel from Waste - World FfW Day 2015 Banner

Fuel from Waste groups doing great things

The continues to be lots of activity from the groups working with FfW. Sharing knowledge, expertise and empowerment.

We’ll be reporting on those this week. We’ll also change the structure of the site layout, to make it easier to find FfW people you’d like to work, with, get training from, help, or purchase product or equipment from.

Check in to see the news and the updates.

A lot to catch up on…

The Fuel from Waste Network has been busy. So busy, in fact, that we’ve not had a chance to update the blog for a while!

We’ll be remedying that asap. We have news of initiatives, actions, articles published, research, TV broadcasts and further development and refinement of future plans.

First up: Fuel from Waste is due to be featured on GBS TV Kenya’s “Waste Energy” feature on Saturday at 7.30. Have a look at the current feature and follow the link to catch that broadcast –

Drop in to our Youtube Channel for films showing the background and work of the Fuel from Waste Network:

More, coming soon.

Fuel from Waste unConference 2011 – films launched

We’ve put together the footage of FfW 2011 into three playlists on to help support World Fuel from Waste Day 2012.

They are:

1. The Participatory Design sessions

2. The Exhibition of equipment, machinery and demonstrations of techniques

3. The Voxpops of participants and visitors

Have a look.

Hopefully they will be helpful and understanding the area, the approach and the people involved, and will encourage others to link up with the movement.