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Future unConferences to be arranged. 


World ‘Fuel from Waste’ Day 2012 was on Monday 28th May.

We celebrated through a range of events in Kenya and London. Please visit the blog Homepage for details of what went on.

The 2011 unConference was as follows:

Come and join us to share your stories; then discover and create new ways forward for Fuel from Waste

There are lots of people working at finding ways to use waste material to create sustainable fuel. We come from a group looking a biomass briquetting, as a way to mitigate Kenya’s deforestation and the health issues associated with burning wood-based fuel and toxic waste. Then, to create employment from that goal. There’s a great deal of activity, from local through to international level, in this area, but the work is often isolated or duplicated,  progress is uncoordinated, infrastructure and promotion non-existent and the perception of the fuel briquettes poor.

We thought if we could get everybody together, in the right environment, they could achieve great things! So, we decided to set-up an unConference to produce that inclusive, active, generative, informal atmosphere, in which we could all co-create practical ideas: A ‘doing’ shop, not a ‘talking’ shop (although plenty of talking, to enable the ‘doing’ :)). We are aiming for an event where people working or interested in this area, and wider sustainability/climate change/economic development issues, can come together, cohere ideas and resources and do something tangible with them.

What sort of ideas? Well, the excitement of an unConference is that we don’t know yet. But, we think, ideas for adoption, dissemination, informing of the public/users, upscaling, increasing the quality/profit/output of briquette operations, support and training are important.

We want this to be an unConference where everyone goes go home with ideas, inspiration, resources and plans to make stuff happen. We’ll publish, share and make it so!

To help this happen, we want you to tell us your ‘stories’. You all have a story to tell, and if you share it at ‘Fuel from Waste’, we can weave it into the creative co-design; can let it inspire visitors; can share those stories with the wider world and, hopefully, they will resonate and expand.

Venue and Date: Shalom House, Nairobi, Kenya – Friday 27th to Saturday 28th May

Drop us a line, if you’d like to attend. Let us know if you’d like to give a talk/presentation, what it’s about and its format.

The Briquetting unConference – ‘Fuel from Waste’

Sustainable fuel; sustainable jobs; better communities.

Shalom House

Komboni Rd, Dagoretti Corner, Nairobi, Kenya. Located close to St. Vincent church.


Friday May 27th and Saturday May 28th.

NO FEES, NO Registration.

Contact: w.griffiths@mdx.ac.uk


  • Biomass briquetting technology
  • Employment and development of support for training
  • Legislation, quality control, standardisation
  • Promotion and marketing – using new and old technologies, networks and communities
  • Road Mapping – service ecologies, infrastructure and sustainable networks

We welcome stories, talks or presentations (of 5-10 mins), in any format, from attendees; but they are not required, nor do they need to be reviewed, prior to the unConference. In addition there will be;

  • Exhibitions of existing and new ideas for briquetting and stove technology from artisans, industry, researchers and students
  • Demonstrations and videos
  • Training

Day 1 – More ‘technical’ day – co-creation

Welcome and introduction to the domain and the aims of this unConference:

– Who does what, where? To develop a shared understanding of the interrelations between stakeholders in the fuel from waste ecology, in Nairobi and wider Kenya, and develop ways for them to coordinate future activity in a mutually beneficial way.

– To demonstrate this current briquetting technology and activity.

– To create a ‘roadmap’ for future activity. What’s needed and how to bring the right people together to make what’s needed happen?

Keynotes and talks, interspersed through the day – TBC

Facilitators – Dr. Thomas Thoruwa (Director of Energy Department, KU), Wyn Griffiths and Dr. Andy Bardill (Directors of redLoop, the mdx design and innovation centre) to support flexible groups, working around and extending the unConference themes.

The approach will be:

– Generative co-creation through creative conversations, with wall sticking and large format horizontal mindmaps.

– Parallel storytelling, demonstrations and hands-on activities intertwined through the sessions; related to briquetting, cooking, heating, sharing, promoting and enjoying. To keep things active.

Day 2 – More ‘open’ day – storytelling

– Review, analysis and sharing of generative work, with unpacking of future activity, to agree the ‘roadmap’ for the future.

– Informal stories, talks, vids, sharing

– Open exhibitions, demonstrations and training.

4 thoughts on “unConference Details/Contacts

  1. Hi you have very good and creative idea to safe our nature. I Wish i can get a full knowlegde of the whole process .I will attend on saturday .Thanks

  2. Iam so disappointed that the conference was in May 2011 and I just recieved the outcome of the conference. I would have loved to attend the conference but unfortunately I was not invited to attend.

    • Hi Thuso,
      I’m sorry that we didn’t manage to get the information on the unConference through to you. Please keep in touch through this blog, and we can keep you up to date with any activity that’s going on, and that you might to be involved with.

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