Fuel from Waste News – Aheu Dit Women Group – Southern Sudan

The Aheu Dit Women Group http://aheudit.blogspot.com/ is based at Kan Ajak village, Awiel East County, Northern Bahr el Ghazal State, Southern Sudan. It was established 5 years ago.

The group runs several projects which includes a Nursery and Primary School.

These schools, and all the schools that have got a WFP feeding program, use fire wood. That means that somebody has got to collect that firewood. So, children are instructed to carry a piece of firewood at least twice a week. Failure to abide by the rules leads to punishment, so fear of this means that the children will cut any branch along the way to school.

During early 2012 (January to march) a program to train women how to make briquettes has been set-up and delivered by James Ochieng, who also works with The Hut of Orphans of Kenya http://thehookenya.blogspot.com/

The first step for us is to ban the use of firewood in our school.

A pilot program at the center will train as many Women as possible. This will lead into development of stoves that use briquettes for the schools. Samples were developed in Wao, South Sudan, using high quality dry leaves, which are abundant during the dry season.

The group has an average of 271 registered women in Awiel East County alone.  70% of these women collect firewood for sale at the market. 100% of homes use firewood for cooking. An alternative fuel can provide relief for the women and children and a better income opportunity, while minimizing deforestation effects.

Video of World Women’s Day 2011 with Aheu Dit Women Group – http://youtu.be/txDLAT3E7B0

Follow the project progress on the Aheu Dit blog, above, or keep an eye out on here, for updates.


A One A We – Briquetting and Waste Management Event – 21.01.12 at Kiamaiko, Huruma, Nairobi

Meeting, demonstrations and training by A one a we self-help group 

Location: Kiamaiko sub location/ward, Huruma location, starehe constituency Nairobi.

Date: 21/01/2011 

Time: 9:00am to 3:00pm 


Huruma chapel is located in in Huruma next to the Muslims academy and kariobangi market.

Route numbers 14 from town, 28 through EastLeigh and 26 from Makadara area. Find a simpler connection. Please note that there are always avoidable jams along outer ring roadStart early.

The Event 

“A one A we self-help group is running a door to door campaign for fuel from waste. Its core business is production of briquettes. This involves a lot of waste collection and management.

A problem is that not many people are using briquettes and the demand is already high. Many groups in this location are involved in income generating activities but a very small percentage is using waste to produce fuel.

Production of briquettes also needs a lot of players and a well-coordinated materials collection plan.

A one A we will demonstrate that briquettes production is a viable income generating activity that helps keep the environment clean.

Kia Maiko is a slum area that hosts the largest goat meat market in Nairobi and produces tons of slaughter house waste. Firewood is the main fuel used for domestic and commercial cooking.

We are planning to produce briquettes and stoves to meet the demand in this location. We shall also exhibit a machine that produces 50 briquettes and hour and is operated by one person; we are in the process of making it better.

The event will also be a chance to introduce Fuel from Waste for groups in the neighborhood.

In parallel, we will be running  a Newma/Afenet meeting – our 3rd coordination meeting since the waste management at the Giraffe Center.

We will have representatives from the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife, Afenet members and all other associated groups.

We shall demonstrate the processes of briquettes production as a waste management initiative.

We shall also learn other waste management tips from all participants.


Sponsored By: A ONE A WE SELF-HELP GROUP  – Another way of saying togetherness


Ruth Mukuhi”

Contact numbers:

Ruth (+254)0724 753 103   Steve (+254)0720 439 328   Chairperson (+254)0720 736 304

Fuel from Waste 2011 Participant News – World Volunteers Day – Kariobangi News Report

A full news report, from Kenyan TV company GBS (Good news Broadcasting System) based in Nairobi – http://gbskenya.com/ – on the march, rally and activities on World Volunteers Day, in Kariobangi, Nairobi.

Deficient municipal waste management is causing huge problems with health and resources in many areas of Nairobi.

The volunteer groups, who are mobilising their communities to tackle these problems, led the way on the march and during the activities on the day.

Their focus was the sorting and reusing of waste and tree-planting. Attacking the problem in a pincer movement of recycling and growth.

Watch the full report here: http://youtu.be/R4Sq9S6ln44

Fuel from Waste 2011 Participant News – Fuel from Waste Leads World Volunteers Day march in Nairobi

The Hut of Orphans of Kenya, a ‘Fuel from Waste’ network champion, and other associated groups, led the march in World Volunteers Day, in Nairobi.

Have a look at their blog – http://thehookenya.blogspot.com/ for more of the initiatives, or at the following links, for clips of the march:

WVD starting off – http://youtu.be/7dhk7eh3Rck

WVD being led off by FfW – http://youtu.be/jmc6GOz4jQE

FfW leading on… and tumblers 🙂 – http://youtu.be/05LATti3sq4

Great work by all.

James Ochieng of the Hut of Orphans of Kenya, reflecting on recent initiatives says:

“We here at the Hut of Orphans of Kenya are glad to have been able to use the banner for our Freedom of Information Project. We have been able to talk about briquettes as a sustainable fuel.  We wanted to emphasize the right to information as an indispensable component to the right of a clean and safe enviroment
Most locations as you already know are choking with litter. We believe that the Fuel from Waste Network has already started making impact. There is collection sorting and using of charcoal dust, saw dust etc. We are looking forward to a productive 2012. We shall continue with this work after the festive season. We had a lot of Fun filled days, we met a lot of people, we learnt from them we talked to them about fuel from waste. Most of them have already engaged FfW activity in their own way. “