World Fuel from Waste Day 2012 #WFfWDay – 28th May – #Sudan new events

We are very excited to announce a new event in Southern Sudan, with multiple groups taking part.
The details are as follows:
– Aheu Dit Women Group, South Sudan
The event will take place in the Northern Bahr El Ghazal (NBeG) state in Southern Sudan, led by the Aheu Dit Women Group –
Wanyjok town council, in Awiel East county NBeG will be working with the group and inviting local CBO/CSOs to join the event to introduce  briquette, and adapt production to support their waste management strategy.
  • Youth association for future
  • War disables,widows and orphan lok odhiei organization
  • Natalina community based organzation
  • Ping Dong youth association
  • CSI international representatives
 Contact – James Ochieng:
Aheu Dit Women Group, South Sudan:
cell:+254 787 395 780,+249 914 761 009

World Fuel from Waste Day 2012 #WFfWDay – 28th May – Events list

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The Sudan event adds to the 5 events around Kenya and 1 in London.

The Kenya and UK events are:

1. The YUPO (Young Potential) Club, associated with the ‘White Charcoal’ Group in Dandora, will be running briquetting demonstrations and training.

The event will be held in Dandora.

White Charcoal Group

Contact – Felix Owuonda: or follow him on Twitter @FelixOwuonda

2. The Recovery and Hope Ministeries will be running briquetting demonstrations and training.

The event will be held in Ongata Rongai.

The Recovery and Hope Ministeries

Contact – Francis Kiilu:

Existing events:

3. Community Action for Nature-Githunguri – CAN G (a program under the Youths Climate Change Adaptation Network) will be running an event focusing on biogas. They will be demonstrating the techniques used in generating biogas from the school’s toilets and those used by local farmers who are using biogas generated from cow dung.

The event will be held at – Mama Ngina Primary School, Kinoo, Westlands.


 Contact – George Gituanja:

4. Seminars, demonstrations and training of briquetting and stove production techniques and machinery in Nairobi.

Consisting of video shows of the Alfastar Development Association and Fuel from Waste work, couple with live demonstrations of motorized and piston manual presses, and a range of stoves.

5. Seminars, demonstrations and training of briquetting and stove production techniques and machinery in Limuru.

Consisting of video shows of the Alfastar Development Association and Fuel from Waste work, couple with live demonstrations of motorized and piston manual presses, and a range of stoves

The Alfastar Development Association will facilitate both events.

 Contact – Ruth Githaiga:

6. A ‘Systems Jam’ – live development (through service ecology mapping) of new ways to link up technology (eg mobile banking, mobile apps, sms text services, solar systems, more) with community and individual briquette/sustainable energy initiatives and businesses.

Using the experience of the redLoop team, invited experts and Design students to generate ideas through service ecology mapping, to help expand and extend empowerment and community development, through sustainable energy, to more people.

RedLoop – the mdx design and innovation centre:

Contact – Wyn Griffiths:

Get in contact if you want to join in with existing events.

Or, you can set up your own.

This could be as small as a briquetting or solar experiment in your home or school; a planting event in your community; a local waste gathering and sorting session; a creative concepting session in your studio – or many more – be creative and let us know.

Fuel from Waste News – Aheu Dit Women Group – Southern Sudan

The Aheu Dit Women Group is based at Kan Ajak village, Awiel East County, Northern Bahr el Ghazal State, Southern Sudan. It was established 5 years ago.

The group runs several projects which includes a Nursery and Primary School.

These schools, and all the schools that have got a WFP feeding program, use fire wood. That means that somebody has got to collect that firewood. So, children are instructed to carry a piece of firewood at least twice a week. Failure to abide by the rules leads to punishment, so fear of this means that the children will cut any branch along the way to school.

During early 2012 (January to march) a program to train women how to make briquettes has been set-up and delivered by James Ochieng, who also works with The Hut of Orphans of Kenya

The first step for us is to ban the use of firewood in our school.

A pilot program at the center will train as many Women as possible. This will lead into development of stoves that use briquettes for the schools. Samples were developed in Wao, South Sudan, using high quality dry leaves, which are abundant during the dry season.

The group has an average of 271 registered women in Awiel East County alone.  70% of these women collect firewood for sale at the market. 100% of homes use firewood for cooking. An alternative fuel can provide relief for the women and children and a better income opportunity, while minimizing deforestation effects.

Video of World Women’s Day 2011 with Aheu Dit Women Group –

Follow the project progress on the Aheu Dit blog, above, or keep an eye out on here, for updates.

Fuel from Waste News – Kasarani Scouts – planting and briquetting work

Kasarani scout groups have been working on a planting and briquetting scheme that aims to plant 1.5 million trees and set up a system that supplies briquettes for their schools.

A pilot program will be run at the Baba Ndogo Secondary School.

The work has been supported by the Hut of Orphans of Kenya.

Video – The Scouts raise the Fuel from Waste banner:

A One A We – Briquetting and Waste Management Event at Kiamaiko – report and videos

The event was at Kiamaiko on the 21.01.12 was a great success.

Have a look at some video clips from the event:

– Briquetting demonstration using Legacy Foundation manual press

– Advice on marketing briquettes

– Demonstration of how to best use briquettes in cooking

Fuel from Waste Participant News – Dandora White Charcoal Youth Group – Feature in ‘The Standard’ Newspaper

The Standard Newspaper, in Kenya, recently ran a feature highlighting the fantastic work of the Dandora White Charcoal Youth Group. Peter Mwangi and Joseph Ndinya talk abou the genesis of the organisation, their environmental and social mission, their approach to entrepreneurship and their work with charities and NGOs (including Fuel from Waste, through their associates at Kenyatta University) in supporting and extending their mission.

“Eight years ago, Peter Mwangi and Joseph Ndinya stared at death. Mwangi was walking to a football pitch to join his friends in preparation for an upcoming football tournament when the police arrested him.

The policemen, he says, alleged that he was among the gang that terrorised motorists in the area — a claim he denied.

“They pointed a gun at me and I thought I was going to die. I was later released. They didn’t have evidence against me,” Mwangi recalls.

He says police have shot many young men in Dandora on similar allegations, some totally innocent.

The deadly incident completely changed the lives of the two from slum idlers to businessmen.

The duo are members of White Charcoal Youth Group located in Dandora. The youth group makes eco friendly charcoal from waste paper and saw dust.”

The full story can be read via the link above, or you can donwload a pdf version, here: Slum boys’ trade that is a ‘death’ armour – Dandora News

A One A We – Briquetting and Waste Management Event – 21.01.12 at Kiamaiko, Huruma, Nairobi

Meeting, demonstrations and training by A one a we self-help group 

Location: Kiamaiko sub location/ward, Huruma location, starehe constituency Nairobi.

Date: 21/01/2011 

Time: 9:00am to 3:00pm 


Huruma chapel is located in in Huruma next to the Muslims academy and kariobangi market.

Route numbers 14 from town, 28 through EastLeigh and 26 from Makadara area. Find a simpler connection. Please note that there are always avoidable jams along outer ring roadStart early.

The Event 

“A one A we self-help group is running a door to door campaign for fuel from waste. Its core business is production of briquettes. This involves a lot of waste collection and management.

A problem is that not many people are using briquettes and the demand is already high. Many groups in this location are involved in income generating activities but a very small percentage is using waste to produce fuel.

Production of briquettes also needs a lot of players and a well-coordinated materials collection plan.

A one A we will demonstrate that briquettes production is a viable income generating activity that helps keep the environment clean.

Kia Maiko is a slum area that hosts the largest goat meat market in Nairobi and produces tons of slaughter house waste. Firewood is the main fuel used for domestic and commercial cooking.

We are planning to produce briquettes and stoves to meet the demand in this location. We shall also exhibit a machine that produces 50 briquettes and hour and is operated by one person; we are in the process of making it better.

The event will also be a chance to introduce Fuel from Waste for groups in the neighborhood.

In parallel, we will be running  a Newma/Afenet meeting – our 3rd coordination meeting since the waste management at the Giraffe Center.

We will have representatives from the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife, Afenet members and all other associated groups.

We shall demonstrate the processes of briquettes production as a waste management initiative.

We shall also learn other waste management tips from all participants.


Sponsored By: A ONE A WE SELF-HELP GROUP  – Another way of saying togetherness


Ruth Mukuhi”

Contact numbers:

Ruth (+254)0724 753 103   Steve (+254)0720 439 328   Chairperson (+254)0720 736 304

New Fuel from Waste – unConference 2011 photos up on Flickr and on

Lots of photos from the event now up on the Flickr link. Showing the lead-in, preparation, lots of the people and places in the FfW network, the exhibition of technology and produce at the event and the unConference generative co-design activity.

A new gallery and posting about the unConference, from the perspective of redLoop – the mdx design and innovation centre, one of the network partners, about their involvement in the Service Design of the event.

Lots of new reports from FfW Network members, active in Nairobi, wider Kenya and Sudan, on their way soon.

The ‘starting-point for a plan’ proposal from the storytelling and co-design session

The storytelling and co-design sessions were a great success. We managed to create, debate and agree a vision for the starting point for developing a plan for briquetting (and other Fuel from Waste activities).

The fantastic ideas, that we distilled this from, will be up on our Flickr site, presently.

We’ve been working on developing and refining this plan, and what it could be/mean in reality, with the FfW community. More to come soon. 🙂

Co-design, storytelling and exhibition demonstrations

We are making progress on the next stages of the plan.

We’ve established the network with all the participants, and more community groups are joining up.

In the meantime, here are some more of the pictures taken at the unConference:

The co-design participants, ready to create!

Lots of co-created ideas.

Voxpop storytelling from all particpants.

Community group documentary team.

Demonstrations to Saturday visitors.