Fuel from Waste 2011 Participant News – Fuel from Waste Leads World Volunteers Day march in Nairobi

The Hut of Orphans of Kenya, a ‘Fuel from Waste’ network champion, and other associated groups, led the march in World Volunteers Day, in Nairobi.

Have a look at their blog – http://thehookenya.blogspot.com/ for more of the initiatives, or at the following links, for clips of the march:

WVD starting off – http://youtu.be/7dhk7eh3Rck

WVD being led off by FfW – http://youtu.be/jmc6GOz4jQE

FfW leading on… and tumblers 🙂 – http://youtu.be/05LATti3sq4

Great work by all.

James Ochieng of the Hut of Orphans of Kenya, reflecting on recent initiatives says:

“We here at the Hut of Orphans of Kenya are glad to have been able to use the banner for our Freedom of Information Project. We have been able to talk about briquettes as a sustainable fuel.  We wanted to emphasize the right to information as an indispensable component to the right of a clean and safe enviroment
Most locations as you already know are choking with litter. We believe that the Fuel from Waste Network has already started making impact. There is collection sorting and using of charcoal dust, saw dust etc. We are looking forward to a productive 2012. We shall continue with this work after the festive season. We had a lot of Fun filled days, we met a lot of people, we learnt from them we talked to them about fuel from waste. Most of them have already engaged FfW activity in their own way. “


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