A remarkable day storytelling, story-weaving, co-designing and future planning.

Day 1 of ‘Fuel from Waste’ is over. We hoped for great things, but the reality was beyond our wildest imaginings. Incredible, creative people, bursting with innovation and energy.

As a group, we created a grand plan for the future, through a co-design process based on storytelling, sharing and story-weaving, to extract a model for that plan – the briquetting ‘roadmap’ for the future.

There’s a lot to ponder. The plan is a first step only; with a lot of thinking, design and development necessary to take it beyond that first step. But, it’s a great starting point, thanks to the intelligence and creativity of all those who participated today.

Thanks to all and we look forward to more fascinating stories, insights and ideas tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “A remarkable day storytelling, story-weaving, co-designing and future planning.

  1. excellent forum but the road map to the realization of success should be handled with care because its fragile.

    • Hi Josephat.
      We agree absolutely with your caution. The roadmap is a staring point only. Something to focus thoughts around, but in no way an end in itself. There is so much consideration, debate, design and planning needed after this first step. A recognition of the difficulty and the fragility of the next step should be foremost in all of our minds, as we work towards that next step.

      Thank you for this comment, and for your help today.

    • Hi Josephat,

      Yes it is VERY fragile. That is why we need to design it well. This is a long journey and we have taken the first step with a tentative prototype. We need to test it rigorously, keep questioning and make it work for everyone who was in the room today and also for those who weren’t. We are trying to put a sustainable ‘ecosystem’ together and that is a complex task. Let’s try to make it work for everyone. Thanks for your input and everyone’s passion to make things work today.

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