Fuel from Waste Briquetting unConference – Nairobi

Sustainable fuel; sustainable jobs; better communities

Come and join us to share your stories; then discover and create new ways forward for Fuel from Waste

There are lots of people working at finding ways to use waste material to create sustainable fuel. We come from a group looking a biomass briquetting, as a way to mitigate Kenya’s deforestation and the health issues associated with burning wood-based fuel and toxic waste. Then, to create employment from that goal. There’s a great deal of activity, from local through to international level, in this area, but the work is often isolated or duplicated,  progress is uncoordinated, infrastructure and promotion non-existent and the perception of the fuel briquettes poor.

We thought if we could get everybody together, in the right environment, they could achieve great things! So, we decided to set-up an unConference to produce that inclusive, active, generative, informal atmosphere, in which we could all co-create practical ideas: A ‘doing’ shop, not a ‘talking’ shop (although plenty of talking, to enable the ‘doing’ :)). We are aiming for an event where people working or interested in this area, and wider sustainability/climate change/economic development issues, can come together, cohere ideas and resources and do something tangible with them.

What sort of ideas? Well, the excitement of an unConference is that we don’t know yet. But, we think, ideas for adoption, dissemination, informing of the public/users, upscaling, increasing the quality/profit/output of briquette operations, support and training are important.

We want this to be an unConference where everyone goes go home with ideas, inspiration, resources and plans to make stuff happen. We’ll publish, share and make it so!

To help this happen, we want you to tell us your ‘stories’. You all have a story to tell, and if you share it at ‘Fuel from Waste’, we can weave it into the creative co-design; can let it inspire visitors; can share those stories with the wider world and, hopefully, they will resonate and expand.

Venue and Date: Shalom House, Nairobi, Kenya – Friday 27th to Saturday 28th May

What’s an unConference, then?

Follow us on Twitter on @fuelfromwaste and #madegood

Download pdf poster 1 – Fuel from waste – Briquetting unConference 2011

Download pdf poster 2 – Fuel from waste – Briquetting unConference 2011 P2


2 thoughts on “Fuel from Waste Briquetting unConference – Nairobi

  1. Great opportunity and look forward to attending because our group is in the process of establishing the project hence we don’t have adequate knowledge and resources to establish the project but through the conference we are sure to encounter mentors. Kindly if you can support FOUNTAIN YOUTH GROUP to establish briquette making please contact the group via fountanious@gmail.com
    Kindly what is the direction to the Shalom House that is the venue for conference.

    • Hi Josephat,
      Glad to hear that your excited by the event and planning to come along. Hopefully, it’ll be of great use to you, as your group is exactly the kind of connection we are looking to make between those with expertise and those wanting to get involved.

      The directions and address are on our ‘Details and Contacts’ page, but we’ll also email you.

      Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

      Best wishes.

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